Freehold ground rents purchased across Britain. If you are selling freehold ground rents please get in touch. Guaranteed fast offers. We can also help you with section 5 notices. Call the experts!

selling freehold-ground-rents-in-auction

Ground Rents Auction

Selling freehold ground rents in auction is not as straight forward as you may think. Section 5 notices have to be served not less than 2 months before the auction and not more than 4 months before the auction. It is also a bit of a gamble because you will have to accept whatever price it fetches on the day of the auction unless you want to go through the whole process again.

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Freehold Ground Rents

All freehold ground rents wanted with leases of 80 years, 99 years and 125 years. If you have ground rents to sell just send us the details via our contact page and we can do the rest. We can tell you over the phone how much we are prepared to offer and can also help you with any section 5 notices that may need to be served. We look forward to hearing from you!Read more


London Ground Rents

London freehold ground rents are always required by our company. We have been buying ground rents in London for over 30 years and would welcome the opportunity to secure further portfolios of ground rents in and around the south-east of England. We pay the highest prices for ground rents of any description. Send us you details via our contact form.Read more