Service Charges

If you are a landlord that issues a demand for service charges you must do so in the correct manner. There is a prescribed formula that you must follow.When you send the demand you must enclose a summary of the charges. If you do not send a summary of the charges the lessee is within his rights to withhold payment until you do so. The service charge demand should include the following:

Who should pay the charges and who they should be paid to.
The date the amount should be paid by.
The amount.
How the amount should be paid.

If the lessee is of the opinion that these charges are unreasonable they can apply to the Leasehold valuation Tribunal who have the powers to decide whether or not these charges are reasonable. As a landlord you must read your lease as you will be unable to charge for items not covered in the lease without the express permission of all of the lessees in the building.

Leasehold Service Charges